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    The PT-262 Advantage

    TVS Electronics firmly believes that there is an increased mindset among the Indian retailer on the ‘Willingness to Automate’. Identifying the need for a compact automation device to suit the daily billing needs of the small Indian retailer, TVS Electronics has launched IndiPOS PT-262 Point-of-Sale Terminal - which represents a true reflection of the Indian retailer and empowers them to operate with maximum comfort. The diversity in the Indian retail formats is unique to its customer clusters and requires customised technology offerings both in terms of hardware and software. Simplicity and compactness make PT-262 the preferred billing terminal for the small Indian retailer. This product has been designed and customised to work in the most challenging terrains. The robustness of this product helps it to operate in the ‘Heart of India’ environment prone to dust, fluctuating voltage and frequent power cuts.
Specifications :


1 x 57 mm thermal printer


PLU / Dept

2000 PLUs
40 departments
6 hotkeys


Cashier / Clerks

4 cashiers / clerks
30 salesman



Raised membrane keyboard
25 function keys
6 hotkeys
Termination keys



6+8 alphanumeric LCD operator - display
6+8 alphanumeric LCD customer - display


Connective Ports

RS-232 for Barcode / PC / scale
PS/2 for Barcode


Retail Functions

Stock management
Duplicate bill
Price & VIP price
Salesman name on bill
Clerk name on bill
RA & PO function
Separate keys for discount,
Price, mark up, etc
Font size change
Initialise bill Sl. No
Initialise report Sl. No Machine No. program


Types of Reports

PLU report
Dept report
Clerk report
Term report
Stock report
Return report
Cash-in drawer report
Z-sales report
Commission report
Bill wise summary report
Monthly report
Tax report



Cash drawer
USB cable
USB box



1 D9P4 PC cable
1 CD for PC S/W
User manual



7.0V 2.0A SMPS power supply 6v 3.2AH
(option) rechargeable battery (optional)



355 x 231 x 120 m